Plan your website content like a boss

No idea what content should go on your website? The Website Editorial Guide will take you through each page and give you strategic recommendations to help you plan your site’s content like a pro!

Includes checklists to prepare your site and make sure you don’t miss anything! 💪

This guide
is for you if...

  • You’re a service provider, a coach or an infopreneur, you’re ready to create your first website or to redesign your current one but when it comes to your content… you’re in the dark! What do I write? How should I structure my pages? 😰

  • You would like to have a simple guide to follow and a practical tool to write all your website copy so that all you need to do is copy & paste them 😎 (Notion is perfect for that!)

  • You are lost among the multitude of things to prepare for the creation of your website 🤯, you’d love a checklist that’s just waiting to be ticked and a detailed action plan, so that you don’t forget anything!

A useful template to guide you through your website content!

This template is designed to help you write your website copy and prepare its creation 😎

What's included in the template?

How does it work?

Get the Notion Website Editorial Guide, the perfect template to plan your website copy like a boss!

Save yourself hours of trouble and research with a complete and detailed action plan, all you’ll have to do is to implement it 😎