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Enter: WordPress Template Kits

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Because no one told you website building was gonna be this wayyy...

Let’s face it: Traditional website building – even the DIY stuff – is kind of brutal. Your “easy” website builder is a joke. A website designer would leave you broke. Your DIY motivation is DOA.

But stress-not, fellow business owner. You’re not alone anymore. When you’ve been putting off your launch for a day, a week, a month, or even a year…our templates are there for you.

Your old website’s already jealous! 😅

Do it FOR yourself - not BY yourself

You’ve been shouldering the DIY stress and taking the hits to your wallet, pride, and self-esteem like a champ. But we think it’s time to put the gloves down and call this what it is: an unfair fight.

The builders that require coding and tech savviness are asking you to punch above your weight. And the bare-bones templates? They sent you into the ring unprepared. Of course trying to build your site this way left you bruised.

But here’s the thing: you were never the problem. You were never not strong enough, capable enough, or scrappy enough to win. The odds were just stacked against you!

With a little more training and someone in your corner, you can – and will – get back to kicking website-building ass!

Your coach, gameplan & roadmap, all in one!

We won’t just teach you to customise your template – we’ll train you on how to effectively design pages on WordPress. So you can build and launch your website now and maintain it yourself as you grow. Without sky-high web designer invoices you’re not ready for!

And when you nail this? When you finally get to launch the dream website you’ve been envisioning for your business FOR YOURSELF and on-budget? You’ll realize your own entrepreneurial prowess and run with it. Through your launch and beyond! 💪

Just build, customise, and launch!

We’ve done the lion’s share! We created the graphics, fussed with the layout, and spent hours doing the behind-the-scenes stuff that no one (but us) really likes doing. All you need to do is select your favourite template, and have fun making it yours!

Your Noama template is like your favourite bra...

It’s pretty. It fits like a glove. It makes you look great. It’s never a pain in the neck. And all the support you could ever need is built right in.

it fits like a glove

Buy the template that catches your eye and lights you up—then customize everything to fit your brand and business. In the end, your website will look like it was custom-made for you.

it doesn't cause pain

Other templates are uncomfortable. Some look great but feel horrible. Some do the job but don’t do your ‘business’ any favours. Some cost way too much. But not us!

it give you all the support

We’ll never leave you hanging. Our template kits come with step-by-step tutorials and trainings, taught by Squarespace pros. And our “Help Me I’m Stuck!” support is 🔥

Our goal? Making website building fun again, with templates and resources designed to make your life way, way easier!

We’re currently working hard to create amazing templates that will blow your socks off and recording the life-saving tutorials. Get on the waiting list to stay tuned! 💪